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On Set of NATEY'S "I Knew" Music Video

Here I'll discuss the process on making the video, along with behind the scenes photos of the set and lighting setups.

Natey is one of my all time best friends/roommate and he approached me with the song first. He has an at home studio, so we did a lot of the brainstorming in there for the video. Natey's whole artist persona is kind of mysterious, dark, cool colors; so that was a good starting point. We knew that we didn't want to spend a lot of money so that puts us in a position to just do with what we have.

We knew we had access to a camera (shoutout Nienhuis Camera Services), and I have a few gaffer buddies in the industry with a bunch of lights that I can get a nice discount on. One piece of advice if you're just starting in this industry: Don't be a piece of shit and people will help you out.

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